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Super Paralympic No-Legs Woman

2013-05-15 03:11:22 by GodfatherStudios

September 5th, 2011 I lost both my legs in a train accident. I was trying to jump onto the moving train and was run over instead. Both of my legs are now gone above the knee, forever like. Since then, I've worked extremely hard and have become quite the little disabled ski racer, if I do say so myself. I got accepted onto the Paralympic National Ski Team, snagged the gold in the Kimberly, Canada Continental Cup this January, etc. New season is beginning, and I need financial sponsorship more than anything.

Ski racing is expensive, and it's even worse when you don't have any legs. That makes it even MORE asspensive.

Wanna help me out big time? Share this link on Facebook, or even donate yourself if you can. Any little thing is appreciated.
(There are links to some of my YouTube videos here, NG is being a dickbutt and not letting me embed.)

New Piece

2013-05-08 11:12:30 by GodfatherStudios

Look at this sexy guy. I'm uh... I'm, uh, sleepin' with that guy. Yeah. Legless chick got game. ios/the-australian

New Piece

Some things shouldn't be advertised.

2012-03-28 19:46:58 by GodfatherStudios

Trains are never "spectacular." Trains are evil bastards. CWX, BNSF, TRAX, it doesn't matter. Trains destroy nature. Clicking that Ad will increase the world's bear population, molest your children, and put 5.8 people per second in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.

Remember folks; I'm not bitter, I'm just in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

Some things shouldn't be advertised.


2012-03-04 16:29:52 by GodfatherStudios

Come with us now, on a journey through TIME and SPACE...

I'd tell you to check out my new piece, The Confuser, but you know nothing of the crunch.



2011-10-26 14:17:08 by GodfatherStudios


Okay, okay...

2011-10-26 02:33:08 by GodfatherStudios

So nobody liked my digital mockup of the circus poster, huh? That's okay, it's gone now. Expect the watercolor within a few days, and the print within few weeks.

Life changing

2011-09-23 11:21:31 by GodfatherStudios

So, two weeks ago, I got in an accident. I'm now a double amputee and I'm in a wheelchair.

I was train-hopping back home from Denver, Labor Day weekend, when I slipped and got my legs sucked under the freight train. Two three-ton cars ran over my legs before my friend was able to pull me out. He used his shirt to put the tourniquets on my legs that probably saved my life.

Life is gonna be different now, but I'm set to go home from the hospital Monday. My final surgery is this afternoon, and after that, I should be a free woman.


2011-08-26 17:58:56 by GodfatherStudios

This woman is an enemy of the state. Keep her off your profiles, my comrades, she's nothing but trouble.



2011-08-09 20:17:18 by GodfatherStudios

Beverly Crusher. What a milf.


New Painting

2011-07-17 23:38:23 by GodfatherStudios

Working on a scary nun panting. Biggest canvas I've ever used, and OIL! I'm fancy now.