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2011-05-29 19:52:15 by GodfatherStudios

You know what they say about female printmakers...

Taz? It's Rush.

2011-05-03 19:06:51 by GodfatherStudios

If you're there, Taz, I forgot your username. I know it had "Taz" in it but then I forgot the rest. I am ashamed...

Sexy party!!!

2011-04-18 14:16:10 by GodfatherStudios

Fooled you again.

I'm done with the first panel of my tryptic, it's... Dark and uncharacteristic. I need more red acrylic though... Stay tuned!

Sexy party!!!

Sorry people, this was just a shameless plug for my own art. I've decided to bribe the public with yummy pictures of Davey Jones as a motivation to look at my page.

But since you're here!! I'm working on a new piece... Kind of weird. Multimedia, a whole new style I've never played with before. It may be a flop, but it may be decent. So stay tuned! I may even give you more Bowie as incentive.

David Bowie? Yes, please!!!

New York

2011-04-14 22:16:26 by GodfatherStudios

I went on tour to New York with my wind ensemble this week. MOMA changed my life, I think. Plus I got a caricature in Chinatown. They made me a mermaid...

For the kiddies!! I'm making a coloring book of Marilyn Manson pictures, mainly for my girlfriend, although I'm going to distribute it widely. Here's a teaser. I'm gonna print it on newsprint and actually bind it for coloring purposes. Good idea, huh? My mom loves it.

Marilyn Manson coloring book!!


2011-03-09 17:27:46 by GodfatherStudios

It's interesting how, after my bacon piece, everyone asked for more of my older-style work. But then I posted some more of that and I've gotten absolutely no feedback on it whatsoever. It seems like the only response an artist can get here lately is negative...?


2011-02-15 17:47:02 by GodfatherStudios

So... Sorry for confusing the hell out of you people with my bacon piece. I got quite a bit of negative feedback on that one. It really was just a silly, one-time joke. I swear. No lies.

End of Commercial Art

2011-01-15 16:06:02 by GodfatherStudios

Goodbye, Commercial Art class... You will be sorely missed...


2010-12-24 16:31:34 by GodfatherStudios

For my birthday (which is today) I got a Bamboo drawing tablet!! So psyched, you have no idea! Anybody know of any tricks for drawing with this particular model? I've used tablets before, just not this one, and not one that belongs to me!!